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What Is NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)?

NAD+ is a coenzyme occupying almost every cell in the body. Its primary purpose is to fuel metabolic reactions by enabling mitochondria, or the power stations of the cell, to convert food into energy. This energy allows the body to sustain all its functions. 

Additionally, NAD+ plays several roles in important physical processes such as:

  • Regulating sleep/wake cycles
  • Sustaining bone, nerve and tissue health
  • Ensuring our fight-or-flight stress response works properly
  • Neutralizing free radicals that age the body by damaging cells


Our bodies stop producing as much NAD+ as we age. Lower NAD+ levels can translate to a lack of energy in our daily lives, decreased brain function and decreased cell regeneration, so that’s when an NAD+ drip can come in handy.

Quad B Shots

Our proprietary formula assists with weight loss, reduces pain and inflammation, boosts energy, and helps prevent damage from alcohol usage.

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Pain Management Miami Beach

Our Myers Cocktail is the perfect IV drip to alleviate chronic symptoms like inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue and stress.

The gold standard in IV Vitamin therapy and our best-seller. This is the IV treatment we recommend for patients suffering from symptoms of:

  • Hangovers
  • Fatigue
  • Colds, the Flu and other illnesses
  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Migraines
  • And more


Depending on the specific symptoms you are experiencing, we may also recommend adding Booster medications to our Myers’ Cocktail IV. For example, if you’re suffering from nausea, we may recommend adding the anti-nausea medication Zofran. If you’re in pain, we may recommend adding a Toradol booster.

Quad B Shots

Do you often find yourself feeling fatigued – even after a full nights rest? You may not be getting enough B12. Vitamin B12, despite its name, is one of eight B vitamins and is found naturally in meat, fish, and dairy products. The water-soluble vitamin plays key roles in the normal operation of our brain and nervous system as well as in the formation of blood.

The main cause of a vitamin B12 deficiency is just poor absorption from the food you eat.  Vitamin B12 shots are the most common way to treat a B12 deficiency. 

Vitamin B12 can benefit you by:

  • Reducing the effects of memory loss and slowing the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Boosting your mood.
  • Invigorating energy levels.
  • Focusing concentration.
  • Slowing the aging process.
  • Improving your immune system.
  • Treating pernicious anemia, a blood disorder highlighted by a deficiency of vitamin B12.
  • Controlling levels of the amino acid Homocysteine which contributes to heart disease.
  • Increases the efficiency of fat and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Reducing the severity and spread of skin irritations such as psoriasis and eczema.
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