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Premier luxury clinic specializing in Internal Medicine, Addiction Medicine & Ketamine Therapy.
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Our passion is helping you reach your unique health goals. We believe in a healthy balance of western and eastern medicine. We pride ourselves in treating patients with acute diseases, chronic pain, addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

At our facility we have created an uplifting, educational and calming clinic so that patients are not only treated in comfortable surroundings, but are motivated to stay on track when it comes to their health.

Well beyond healthcare, our specialty is you.

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Our passion is helping you reach your unique health goals.

Through annual checkups, preventative testing, physical examinations open patient-physician communication, we create truly personalized wellness plans

Having twice served as president of the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine and being the leading expert on ibogaine-assisted detoxification, our medical director, Dr. Jeffrey Kamlet,

If you suffer from TMJ/TMD, facial pain, neck/ cervical pain, headaches, migraines, ringing in ears, sleep apnea, mouth breathing, tongue tie etc. call today for an appointment with Dr. Murdocco

Nearly 16 million adults in the US have experienced depression in the last year; it’s the leading cause of disability worldwide. No one treatment or therapy for depression works for everyone

Whether you are looking for a performance boost or to keep your youthful glow, we have the right IV vitamin treatment for you. We create vitamin mixtures that are specifically tailored to fit

Acupuncture is an incredibly versatile tool of holistic medicine, known for its efficacy in promoting fertility, reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the face, aiding with stress management, and treating chronic pain, digestion problems, autoimmune disorders, and acute injuries.

we perform skin tests to ascertain any allergies to the environment, food,

We offer our Tristar VIPs same or next-day appointments with little to no waiting time and access to a dedicated concierge liaison as well as a 24-hour service phone line for medical advice.

We are committed to providing patients with alternate modalities for their chronic pain to reduce exposure to opioids and dependency. We provide high quality back, knee, neck and wrist braces, which are typically covered by insurances.

Our most advanced program utilizes Tirzepatide, which is currently the most effective weight loss medication available. By combining the effects of GLP1s and GIPs, it effectively suppresses appetite and completely transforms one’s relationship with food.

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